Important information

iBDialog monthly was developed by MSD in close collaboration with IBDnet and the patient organization Crohn Colitis Schweiz. Meanwhile, the app has been reprogrammed with support from MSD and linked to the eSwiss IBD Cohort Study (eSIBDC). The new app is operated by IBDnet.

Until 31.12.2021, both apps will be available in parallel. From 1.1.2022, only the new web-based version of IBDnet will be available. MSD's existing app and this website will be deactivated.

To use the new iBDialog monthly app, your patients must be enrolled in the eSwiss IBD Cohort Study. Only you can initiate this. If you have any questions, please contact IBDnet: 

Improving patient care in IBD

Welcome to iBDialog monthly

iBDialog monthly is here to help you stay up to date with your patients by giving you access to tools that track their disease activity and monitor treatment adherence - all at the click of a button, to help achieve better disease outcomes.